A glimpse of spring this week

Weather was absolutely beautiful this week. Temperatures were around 60 degrees....oh so warm. In fact, it felt so warm this week that my 4-year-old daughter, Ava, asked me to turn the sprinklers on so she could wear her bathing suit and run through them. I had to tell her that it wasn't THAT WARM, although she was convinced that YES it was warm enough.


Another sign of spring: not one, not two, but a whole flock of robins flying around town.


Another sign spring is here, Vern Ince stopped by to pay a visit and settle up his bill for plowing snow. He is pretty good at his job and predicting if it will snow again. He said if it does snow again, it will melt so fast, his services won't be needed. I'm holding you to that Vern.


Vern Ince, did say, however that the snow was still real, real deep up in the mountains. That is a good sign. We NEED the snow melt to fill McPhee this year and so do the farmers. I would also very much like to raft the Lower Dolores.


Dolores' very first girls golf team started to practice this week outdoors. Good luck girls.



March 8 - Bud Hensley, Lenora Nelson

March 9 - Florine Rogers, Christy Sonnier, Thomas Kenworthy, A. J. Cattles, Dune Kristopher Stephens, Lucas Arion Blackburn

March l0 - Carl Massey, Marjie Branson, Michelle Dominguez, Kyni Jo Wofford, Lori Waller, Brenden Gallegos (Kirkpatrick)

March 11 - B. J. Tabor, Bailey Michelle Boyd, Dane Keith Stephens, Bailey Boyd, Julieanna Goad, Bailey Michele Boyd

Happy Anniversary to - Charles & Juliette Quintana

March 12 - Debbie Baker, Holly Black, Brittney Harris, Kameu Neel

Happy Anniversary to Jim & Ina Cline, Gay & Bev Lyman

March 13 - Jamie Cox, Bobby Johnson, Gregory Cameron Lee, Logan Quinn Dwyer, Drew Hopkins, Sara Vass, Bobbi Marie Cunningham (Shields)

March 14 - Gina (Gustin) Espeland, Karissa Lee Petrose, Boone Whetsel Savoca

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