Can you say 'tyranny'?


What has the state of Colorado become?

Once a proud, strong and God-fearing state, Colorado has become a mere shadow of itself due to lack of morality, legalization of marijuana,liberal anti-gun measures and, clearly, stupidity.

It is hard for me to stomach the fact that our state is being neutered by the Front Range liberal college towns like Boulder, Fort Collins and the Denver metro area. Our state was founded by pioneers who worked hard in mines, fields and prairies, raising cattle. If those folks know what the state they loved has become, it would blow their minds.

Our rights as Americans are slowly being challenged by the legislators in Washington.

I just received a new copy of the Constitution, Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence, which I had to read and know back in high school. Back then it was a mandatory class, so you really didn't care what it meant. Now that I have read these amazing documents over and over again, I have become more aware of what is being threatened. We Americans are standing by, letting it happen.

Can you say "tyranny," which is defined by Webster as 1: oppressive power, 2: the rule or authority of a tyrant: government in which absolutely power is vested in a single ruler; 3: a tyrannical act.

I urge everyone, including liberals, to get a copy of these documents and read them again or for the first time. We the people need to take our country and state back from thetyranny before it's too late.

Dave Marsell