These new modern guns must be more evil


Where is this majority that wants common-sense gun laws? I can't seem to find them, A few of us are old enough to remember when most high schools had shooting clubs and students brought their guns to school to hold shooting competitions and learn gun safety. I don't remember any mass shootings then. I guess the guns back then had a different attitude. These new modern guns, especially assault rifles must be made from some new kind of metal that makes them more evil. It can't possibly be the attitude of the people can it.

After all the liberal agenda taught by out schools tells us that we must not try to teach our children right from wrong or punish them for doing wrong it might damage their little egos. It is OK to go to school with green, orange or purple hair, tattoos and pants hanging off your butt, talk trash and have unlimited sex, but whatever you do don't mention God for he is not allowed in school or for that matter in just about any other public place. If you are looking for reasons for these crazy acts of violence, they are hiding right in front of your face.

Richard Kipp

Pleasant View

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