Educate instead of discriminating


At the January school board meeting in Dolores, a representative from Channel 7 News, Albuquerque, gave a very biased report portraying Dolores as a small backward, racist, farming town. Local residents are very proud of this picturesque farming and ranching community. We want the best education possible in our schools.

Being from a small town doesn't make a person uneducated, or painting your own truck does not make you a racist, as a poster states in a teacher's room, "Country = Redneck = Uneducated." Most teachers are dedicated and excellent, and there are those who choose to push their sexuality on the students. I would suggest they teach the subject they were hired to teach and deal with their personal problems at home.

The action stated as a hate crime, in a letter by the principal, was only his opinion. This was later found to be invalid. The reporter stated an alleged hate crime had been committed, which was untrue. The student was expelled for other reasons.

There appears to be a determination on behalf of the school board and the administration not to listen to parents' concerns. The committee of parents voiced that injustice was done to a student. The Confederate flag is a fad, which changes week to week.

We are proud of Dolores Schools and our town. We stand for what is right for our children. We suggest getting on with "teaching" and "learning," which is the goal of most schools.

It is time for parents in the middle school/high school to take a stand for our kids' education, sports, well-being. We hope to see you at the next school board meeting on Feb. 12 at 7 p.m. We expect a more positive agenda, and concerned parents will be heard!

Amy Gordanier