No skin off my nose


Recently, there's been too much controversy about flags being flown in classrooms/schools including the Union Jack. I'm sure a kid ran to Mommy and alerted her, fueling more anger throughout the community.

Historically, this flag has perpetuated discrimination under the Jim Crow laws right after the emancipation, all because the whites became paranoid about the possibility of blacks staging uprisings and murdering.

Unfortunately, the new Jim Crow is alive and well today, as evidenced by the high number of blacks and browns (including red) in our penal system as well as our local jails. If only our schools would teach history without omitting the true facts, we'd be better off. Interestingly, foreign students know about the plight of Native Americans!

If there is so much bickering about which flag should be flown, I will strongly recommend that no flags be allowed including the good ole red, white and blue American flag with stars and stripes! For some of us, the red stripes represent the native bloodshed, blue the color worn by the U.S. cavalries while murdering natives, and white (white is right!) the dominant society then and now. With so much killing, especially of children, I will gladly add the stars to represent the bullet holes (thanks to the NRA)!

Furthermore, I just don't understand why this country with a very ugly and bloody history would flaunt it with Old Glory. And then, there are those that praise or sing "God Bless America". How can God bless any nation who keep on causing wars and indiscriminately killing innocent children and women?

Call me leftist, unpatriotic, liberal, dirty Indian, etc. It's no skin off my nose!

Ken Chester



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