Clarification to McHenry story

Some corrections and clarifications need to be made to the story about John McHenry's court case.

The 43-year-old Cortez Middle School teacher did not admit in court to punching a Montezuma County Sheriff's deputy during the Roatcap Fire on Oct.24, as was stated in the Journal story on Thursday.

McHenry read a prepared statement during Wednesday's hearing. In the statement he acknowledged "my wrong-doing" during the events that led to his arrest.

McHenry was originally charged with felony assault after he was accused of punching a sheriff's deputy. The incident occurred when McHenry tried to bypass a roadblock where the deputy was stationed.

The story said that McHenry was given a deferred sentence in the case on Wednesday. The correct term is deferred prosecution. McHenry did not enter a guilty plea and was not required to give an admission of guilt.

Under the disposition, McHenry must complete 24 hours of community service, 12 weeks of anger management while not committing a crime for the next six months. If successful, the deferred charges - third-degree assault and resisting arrest - will be dismissed.

McHenry's statement concluded with an apology for his actions during the Oct. 24 incident: "I am truly sorry."