What is your opinion of this season's weather so far?

  • Geno Cisneros Retired commercial painter It's been kind of mild. I am from Denver. I haven't seen that much snow. It has not snowed that much.

  • Curtis Ferguson Retired Itís a little dry. We had a little bit of moisture in the high country.

  • Mark Martin Unemployed Mild winter in this region. I lived in Gunnison for 12 years. This isnít cold. Just waiting for the snow.

  • Steve Moul Pediatrician Very cold. It seems like the temperatures have been colder.

  • Dale Schultz Retired Itís a little bit of cold for me, but I am not a young, spring chicken anymore.

  • John Humphreys Farmer/rancher I think itís dry. Thatís a real bad thing.