Parents urge support for football coaches

Dear Editor:

It is time to speak out to the Dolores School Board on behalf of keeping Coach Weir and Coach Mobley. These two coaches are 100 percent dedicated to building a great Football program in the Dolores School District, yet the Athletic Director has not renewed their contracts. They made great strides with our football team last fall, and have big plans to continue building a quality football program in Dolores. We, as the players, parents and community members who love the Dolores Bears Football Team owe it to them to fight for them, as they continue to fight for us. In spite of Coach Weir bringing us together as a family that worked extremely hard to have a winning season, the new Athletic director has chosen to advertise the Head Football coaching position. The opening was given a deadline of January 11, 2013 for applications, and Coach Weir had his application turned in prior to that deadline. The Athletic Director has now chosen to extend that deadline in hopes of finding "others" to put in for the position, rather than re-hiring our coaching staff that are dedicated to us and want to work with the team to build a quality program. Please plan to show up at the Dolores School Board Meeting on January 22nd, at 7 p.m. to speak out in support of our Coaches and our football program, as well as other school programs in general. It is best if you contact the District Office @ 882-7255 to request to speak at the meeting. Your support of our Football program, School, and the Community will be greatly appreciated!

Dolores Football Supporters