Everything but...

The Mancos Flea Market is the place to go on the weekends!

Not only is it warmer inside, but it has all kinds of things to look at, touch and buy; people to talk to and haggle with; and sometimes there are goodies to eat.

The building that used to house the Mancos Hardware Store on Main Street is now filled with vendors who are selling a huge variety of items.

There are saddles, tack and cowboy stuff.

There are antiques - from books to jewelry to vinyl records to clothing.

There are books - all kinds of books.

There is yarn and knitted items.

There is jewelry and furniture.

And there is all the usual flea market items, whatever those might be to you.

It takes a while to look at everything. And you might just run into somebody you know.

Come on down between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. on Saturday or Sunday. Make sure you have at least an hour!