We're watching you


In response to District Ranger Derek Padilla's statement that there has been no official enforcement yet of road closures, what a truckload of manure. The USFS has been limiting access for years: Locked metal gates. Dusk-to-dawn access. Blocking ice-fishing access with dumping snow in Dolores. Not putting the docks in until June. Gill netting and killing walleyes that 90 percent of the fishermen want in McPhee.

Americans dealt with the Nazis, the fascists and the Red Menace. Your pottery shards, zebra mussels and four-wheel-drive ruts won't intimidate us. Tread lightly, my friends, tread lightly. You're not watching us. We're watching you.

Dan T. Alsop


Editor's note: The Forest Service has blocked County Road 28 to prevent it from being used by anglers attempting to avoid zebra mussel inspections; that has not eliminated ice-fishing access to McPhee Reservoir. The docks are generally in the water by Memorial Day weekend, water levels permitting. Regarding the walleye, management of wildlife is the responsibility of Colorado Parks and Wildlife, not the Forest Service.