Police Blotter


. An officer was dispatched to a residence for a report of an assault on a male by his brother, who had left the location on foot. The suspect also had an active restraining order against him from contact with the residence or the family members. Medics were on scene treating the victim of the assault. The victim told officers he had come home from school and was in the kitchen when his brother came in and hit him three times with a dumbbell-type weight. The officer could see a puddle of blood and blood drops all over the kitchen floor. The officer found the 20 pound dumbbell hidden in a bedroom behind a large speaker. The brother was located and taken into custody. An ER physician's report stated that the incident caused bodily injury to the victim. The suspect told officers that he had gotten mad at his brother, and admitted to hitting him four to six times with a closed fist. When asked if he had hit his brother with the dumbbell, he stated, "yeah, when he was laying down." The suspect was arrested for felony 2nd degree assault and protection order violation.


. An officer spoke with a female reporting party in reference to harassing phone calls. The woman stated that she was contacted on her home phone by someone claiming to be from a company that advertises computer repair on television. The unknown male on the phone told her that she had several things wrong with her computer and for the small fee of $25, they could fix this problem for her. The woman told the caller that she did not really have the money to do this now. The male caller told her that he could bill her for the $25 next month, and the woman agreed to this, giving him her bank card number and the PIN number for the card. The man told her that he would have to call her back on her cell phone so the home phone line would be open for him to remotely access her computer. The woman spoke with him again, using her cell phone and he proceeded to access her computer remotely, installing several unknown programs on her computer. The woman told the officer that she didn't give the incident much thought until two days later when she attempted to use her bank card at the store and it was declined at the checkout stand. The woman knew she had money in her account, so she contacted her bank and found that the account had been emptied, after finding that someone had withdrawn six payments of $150 and one payment of $340 since the phone call two days prior. The woman stated that she had begun receiving several phone calls from different phone numbers since this event. The woman was told by the officer not to give out any more of her personal information to anyone else, and to not answer phone calls from numbers that she does not recognize. The officer attempted to call the phone number on the woman's cell phone that the man had called from, but reached a message that stated the number had been disconnected.

. An officer met with a woman at the police station for a report of a theft. She stated that on Dec. 5 at around 11:30 a.m. FedEx had delivered a package to her residence, but she was not home at the time. She contacted FedEx to confirm the package was delivered, and FedEx told her the package had been signed for by an unknown female who had signed the reporting party's name for the package. The package was from the reporting party's parents and contained three envelopes with $30 in each and a Casio FX-CG10 calculator. The reporting party had been at work at the time of the delivery, and her children were at school.

. An officer met with a man in front of the police department who told him that he had recently been released from a six-month prison sentence. Before he went to prison, he was living with a woman, and while he was incarcerated, she was evicted from their residence. The reporting party said that he had various cable and internet devices at the residence, including a DVR receiver, an HD receiver, and an AT&T phone modem, with the first two items belonging to Dish Network, and the modem belonging to AT&T. The male said that he needed to return these items in order not to be charged for them, and he believed the woman had taken them and would not return them. The officer spoke with the woman on the phone, and she stated that the items were not in the man's name. She also stated that the items were in storage because she was evicted, and she would return the items to the owners, and had no intention of keeping the items. The male reporting party said that he did not want to pursue any charges if the woman was willing to return the items.


. An officer was dispatched to an area downtown for a suspect that had broken into a vehicle in the back of a business and was still inside of it. Three officers arrived and met with the business' management and an employee. Officers were told that they heard glass breaking and someone was rummaging around inside a fifth wheel trailer located behind the business' parking lot, and whoever had done it was still inside the trailer. Officers approached the trailer and could hear noise from inside like someone was going through the cabinets. One of the officers knocked on the door and announced police. A male voice inside said "hello," and officers repeated that it was the police and requested that the suspect come to the door. The suspect inside attempted to open the door but was unable to do so and stuck his head out the window to the left of the door. The male suspect advised that he could not open the door, he did not have a key, and that he had climbed in through the broken window. Officers asked if this was his residence, and he stated, yes, he was staying there with a friend. When asked who his friend was, the suspect, who showed several indicators of intoxication, could not remember his name. A neighbor provided the name of the trailer's owner, who was out of town. When officers contacted him on the phone, he denied giving anyone other than his son permission to stay in the trailer, and his son was not in town. When he was informed of the damage to the trailer, he said that he wished to file charges against the suspect. The damage to the window appeared to have just happened. The suspect was arrested and told police that he had met a guy and told him that he was cold and needed a place to chill. He stated that the guy told him he could stay at his trailer, and could go in through the window if the door was locked. He was charged with first degree criminal trespass and criminal mischief.


. An officer responded to a local gas station for a report of damage that had occurred to a gas pump. The officer found that the damage had been done to one of the credit card readers on a pump. The card reader had somehow been removed and had then been pushed into the interior of the gas pump. There was no other damage to the machine. The officer was able to review security video of the incident, and observed a dark colored car with probable New Mexico plates pull up to the pump at 12:23 a.m. and attempt to get gas. An unknown male tried to use his credit card twice to turn the pump on, but apparently the card reader was defective or the card would not work. The male became angry and then used the metal end of the gas hose to strike the card reader a few times, knocking it into the machine.