Police Blotter


• An officer was dispatched to locate a car last seen at a liquor store that had an unrestrained child in the vehicle. The car was found as it traveled south on Broadway at 7th St. and pulled into a parking lot and stopped. The female driver was contacted and told the officer that she did not have a license because she needed to pay a ticket. The officer observed a male front seat passenger holding a small child in his lap. The officer asked the woman about the child and she stated that it was her 3 month-old little girl. Dispatch advised that the woman had a suspended driver’s license and an active warrant for her arrest. She was placed under arrest and the child remained in the custody of the child’s father. The female was left in the care and custody of jail staff.


• Cortez dispatch advised an officer of a possible domestic dispute at a residence. Three officers responded to the location, and while still outside, heard a male voice inside say, “You’re done, (expletive)” and something about a sandwich. Officers knocked on the door and a man answered it and came outside to speak with an officer, while another officer spoke with the woman who was inside the residence. The man stated that he had just made the woman a sandwich and she was complaining because it did not have enough turkey on it. The man went on to describe the sandwich in great detail, talking about all the extras he had put on it. He said that he put three kinds of cheese, mayonnaise, gravy, and cranberries on the sandwich, but that the woman was upset about the sandwich and threw her plate at him, flipped over the table and yelled at him. The man stated that all he had done was held her down. The couple are involved in an intimate relationship. The woman told officers that the man had become upset with her because she had added more meat to her sandwich and had thrown her to the ground, causing a visible rug burn to her elbow. The male was placed under arrest; he admitted that he had had a couple of drinks despite being barred from alcohol use. He was charged with harassment, violation of bond conditions, and domestic violence.

• An officer responded to Walmart for a report of shoplifting. The male subject had been observed leaving the store with a shopping cart with numerous items without paying for them. The subject admitted to stealing the items. He stated that he did not have the money to buy the items and that he was unemployed. When asked why he stole, the male said that he did not have a good reason, and that he had intended to give the items as Christmas gifts. The subject, a former Walmart employee, had been suspected of stealing from the store in the past. He was arrested and left in the care and custody of jail staff.


• An officer responded to Bealls in reference to a theft. The store manager had arrived at the store that morning to find a red canopy missing from the sidewalk in front of the store. The canopy belonged to The Salvation Army, who was letting the store use the item. The canopy was last seen at closing the night before. The canopy was described as having a metal frame with a bright red fabric cover, valued at approximately $100. The Salvation Army manager wished to pursue charges if the canopy was located and would provide officers with a photo of the stolen canopy.


• An officer responded to a location for a vehicle that had been called in on a REDDI report (Report Every Drunk Driver Immediately) around noon. Another officer told him that the vehicle was headed south on S. Chestnut St., and he had just observed it pull off into a parking lot, and the female driver had been observed driving on the wrong side of the road. The officer entered the parking area of a mobile home park and observed the vehicle parked in front of a trailer with a female still sitting in the driver’s seat. The officer contacted the woman, and took the keys from her ignition. The woman was sitting in the car, eating food from Taco Bell, and this was the only thing he could smell on her breath. The woman had the shakes and her eyes were bloodshot, glassy and watery. She denied that she had been drinking, and told the officer that she was on medication. The bottle provided said it may cause drowsiness, and to not take it with alcohol. The woman refused to perform any voluntary roadside maneuvers, and was placed under arrest. While undergoing a blood test, the woman admitted to drinking one beer that morning and the test revealed that she was under the influence. The woman had been observed driving on the wrong side of the road, almost striking parked cars, failing to stop at a stop sign, and traveling over the shoulder line and center line of the street into the oncoming lane.


• An officer responded to the area of S. Broadway and W. 5th St. for a report of property damage. On arrival, he noticed a portion of new wet pavement in front of Arby’s that appeared to have been driven on. The officer drove into the Sonic parking lot and met with a male employee of a construction company. He said that he had been driving a truck that belonged to his employer, heading south on Broadway and made a U-turn at the intersection at 5th St. from the turn lane through a ten to fifteen-foot wide gap in the construction barrels. He stated that once he started to drive on the pavement, he realized it was wet. He was on his way to Sonic. The officer also spoke with another male driving an SUV who told the officer that he had done the same thing, also backing up across the wet pavement in the process. He also stated that he was going to Sonic. The tire marks through the wet concrete were photographed, and an employee of Lawson Construction was provided the report number for the incidents. There was no criminal intent in the incidents.