An eye for jewelry


SHANNON LIVICK/STAR ANN GOODALL shows off some of her Western jewelry inside her Lewis home.

When Ann Goodall of Lewis starts to talk jewelry, stones and silver, her face lights up a room.

It is something she loves, something that is almost therapeutic.

“I wanted to be creative again and I just love jewelry,” she said inside her small studio Wednesday.

Goodall, a mother of two and a massage therapist, graduated from Flager College in St. Augustine, Florida with a fine arts major.

Since then, Goodall has been raising two beautiful girls running High Desert Health in Cortez and helping run a ranch.

The jewelry, she said, helps keep her grounded.

“I can’t give this away,” she said. “But I would do this, even if people didn’t like it. It feeds the soul and the fact that someone wants to buy it is a bonus.”

Goodall uses a precious metal clay made out of silver. She molds it and shapes it the way she likes and then starts a multi-step process that will eventually yield a beautiful piece of silver jewelry.

Most of Goodall’s jewelry is Western inspired, something she picked up while working on ranches and traveling to horse shows with her daughter.

She works on custom pieces that often incorporate local ranchers’ brands.

“Keeping prices low when materials are so high is real hard,” she said. “Silver is just so expensive now, but I just love working with silver.”

Goodall’s work can be found on Facebook by searching for Cross Canyon and Cowgirl and Company or on Etsy. Goodall’s work can also be found at the West Fork Gallery in Dolores.


SHANNON LIVICK/STAR ANN GOODALL inspects a piece of silver inside her Lewis studio after taking it out of the tumbler.