Now that the mill levy has passed...

The Mancos School District superintendent would like to thank Jim Law, Cathy Epps, Betsy Harrison, Jen Paschal and Darrel Ellis (the Mill Levy Committee) for all of their hard work and effort during the mill levy campaign. The mill levy passed because of their efforts and the Mancos School District is incredibly grateful to those folks, Hanson said.

I would also like to thank the community of Mancos for supporting the mill levy and the school district. The purpose of the mill levy was for the school district to be able to recruit and retain high quality staff and to provide and support programs for our students to enable them to continue to receive the best education possible. With the passage of the mill levy, the school district will be able to move forward, continuing to recruit highly qualified staff, keep the highly qualified staff we already have and provide the quality programs and services our students deserve.

The school board will be considering their next steps concerning the budget.