Conservatives and babies’ diapers


Reading Catherine Spencerís letter in the Nov. 27 Journal, declaring those of us who voted for the school bond are stupid, and Larry Tradlenerís column of a few weeks ago declaring the end of America as we know it because the election didnít go his way, makes me wonder how these folks got so arrogant and self righteous. Tradlener seems to feel we are a bunch of whining, lazy liberals with our hands out for what we didnít earn.

Every once in a while I tune in to Fox or read some conservative columns to see where conservatives get some of their ideas. I hear the lies, and venomous hateful words that comes out of people like Ann Coulter, Rush, Beck and the rest of the extremists. I think I should feel sorry for them, as it must be hard to live with that much hate inside of you. Then I think of the millions they make spouting all those lies and hate, I donít feel so sorry for them. All this made me realize that conservatives are a lot like babiesí diapers; they are both full of the same material.

Larry Berger


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