Council awards $3K to center

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The Cortez City Council gave the Cortez Cultural Center $3,000 from the money the city had allocated for grants in 2012.

The city had $4,100 remaining from the $30,000 2012 budget and the Cultural Center asked the city for $4,000, a $2,200 increase from what was awarded in 2011.

New Cultural Center Board President Shelby Smith and other board members made a presentation at Tuesday’s council work session.

City Manager Shane Hale asked if all of the programs the Center wanted would continue with no director and lack of funds.

Smith said the money the Center was asking for would help the Center remain open.

“We are just trying to survive,” he said. “We need help. Do what you can do for us. We are still here today.”

Hale wanted to know how long the Center’s board could sustain the energy to keep the organization from folding.’

“I really don’t know all of what we will have to do,” Smith responded. “Why not try?

“When the going gets tough you get tough,” he added. “This is too valuable to (give up).”

Council member Ty Keel said it was important to support the Cultural Center.

“I am always excited about the person who will put up a fight,” he said.

Council member Matt Keefauver added that the Center’s board could “make it happen” when talking about whether it could be forced to close its doors.

Keefauver also said it was a bold move by the Center’s board to move forward without executive director, Shawn Collins.