Local loyalty should be a two-way street


Recently, an appointment took me to Durango, where I discovered the price of regular gas was generally $3.21 per gallon. On my return to Cortez, regular gas was still selling at the stubborn price of $3.57. How can this be? We are 50 miles from Durango. Is Cortez gasoline supplied by cargo planes flown directly here from Saudi Arabia?

As local consumers, we are encouraged to shop locally. Most of us are glad to do this. We prefer it. But I thought loyalty was a two-way street. Why should putting 20 gallons in your tank in Cortez cost over $5 more than the same amount in Durango?

What do we have to do to get our local dealers to engage in collusion that is more fair and reasonable? Organizing a boycott caravan to Durango is not practical. The word “boycott” derives from a certain 19th century English land agent in Ireland — Charles Boycott — who refused to lower rents to conform to the trend. Surely our local merchants do not want to be characterized as robber barons. Please get real.

Denton May