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• A deputy responded to a rural address in reference to a report of theft that had occurred the previous night. He spoke with the owner of the business at the property who told him that when he and his workers arrived that morning, they noticed that someone had stolen the scrap metal from his property. The employee that was the last to leave the evening before said that everything had still been there as of the time he left. The stolen items were miscellaneous scrap metal and copper, and one water heater, valued at $300. The owner also mentioned that this was the second time this had happened, after a theft about a month ago. The previous theft had been six water heaters and miscellaneous metal, valued at $400. The employee said that when he arrived at the property to end his work day, he noticed a white Dodge pickup truck backing out of the yard and leaving. The pickup was described as a short bed, four door model with two male occupants approximately 30 to 40 years of age.


• A deputy was dispatched in regards to a burglary that could have taken place between Nov. 3 and Nov. 5. The reporting party wanted to report the theft of telephone wire, with an estimated value of $2,500 from a business facility. The employee at the facility had last seen the 30 rolls of telephone cable coil on the afternoon of Nov. 3. Another employee could not provide any additional information. An additional pile of scrap cable was also taken. The total cost was included in the estimated total cost of the 30 rolls. The deputy took photos of evidence at the scene.

• A deputy was advised to respond to an address in Dolores in reference to a cold trespass and attempted burglary. The owner informed the deputy that she and her family had been gone hunting over the weekend, and that is the only time that someone from the family was not home. During the three days they were gone, the house had been left unattended and the front door had been locked. She stated that at approximately 1 p.m. on Nov. 5, she noticed the front door would not stay shut. When she tried to figure out the problem, she observed several pry marks on and around the door, and it appeared that someone had tried to pry the door open with a screwdriver, but had been unsuccessful. The reporting party hadn’t noticed anything missing from the house at this time. The deputy photographed the damage to the door and submitted the photos into evidence.


• Dispatch requested a deputy respond to a rural address on Hwy. 491 for a report of a break in. A woman at the scene told the deputy that she and her husband own the property as well as the shop and residence located on it. She allows a friend to store personal belongings at the property, and the friend was also at the scene. The business has not been in operation for several years, but there is still a large amount of property still in it. The door to the shop faces the highway, and was found open. When the deputy went inside the shop, he noticed that there were items placed in various boxes as if they were being sorted. The reporting party said that neither she nor her husband had done this, and felt that there were items missing. The woman planned to have her husband come verify what was missing as he knew what would have been in the building. They then went to the residence on the property, and there was an entry door that was found open. In the house’s, basement, they found several books and papers on the floor as if they had been thrown there; everything had previously been on shelves. The owner did not yet know if anything was missing. The deputy went to the bedroom of the residence and the friend who stored personal items there said that her items had previously been boxed and stacked in an orderly fashion. The deputy noted that the room looked as if someone had gone through all the boxes and tossed the items around. The door to the bedroom had been locked, but someone had pried the door open to gain access. The friend had not yet determined what was missing. The deputy located evidence of the intruder in the bedroom which was logged for the case.


• A deputy was dispatched to a convenience store regarding a male being threatened by a woman with a knife. The male party that had been involved was identified and had headed south on foot on Hwy. 160, and it was confirmed that he had a warrant out for his arrest. The man was located walking along the highway about a quarter mile south of the convenience store. His identity was confirmed and he was arrested under a felony warrant. During the search of the man, deputies located a glass pipe and marijuana.

• A deputy contacted a car at the intersection of Washington and Empire Streets for suspicious activity and a cracked windshield. The male driver was contacted and asked to provide his driver’s license and other paperwork. The driver stated that he did not have a valid driver’s license due to it being revoked. Dispatch confirmed that the male’s license is revoked in Colorado for express consent, with six additional active restraints. He was placed into custody and charged with driving a vehicle when his license was revoked for express consent. He was given a warning for the cracked windshield and was left in the care and custody of jail staff. His car was released to his father.

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