Safety was primary concern in fire response


The Montezuma County Fire Chiefs Association would like to thank all of the law enforcement agencies for their assistance on the recent Roatcap Fire. Through a coordinated effort between the fire command and the sheriff’s office, utilizing a joint command, we were able to keep fire personnel and local residents safe through the strategic placement of roadblocks.

We recognize the difficulties involved in controlling the access points to allow the fire apparatus from the local responding agencies the ability to safely travel the affected roadways. This unrestricted travel for fire apparatus allowed fire crews to focus on the emergency at hand while limiting the concern for civilian traffic. Additionally, local law enforcement personnel were of tremendous assistance in the evacuation of residents in an efficient and effective manner. Without their assistance, fire personnel would not have been able to focus their efforts on the containment of a rapidly advancing fire. Their efforts directly aided in the ability to ensure no loss of life or homes.

Law enforcement officers from both the sheriff’s office and BLM coordinated their efforts in escorting residents back into their homes, along with the efforts of the fire command, which allowed for increased safety for everyone involved. We also recognize that it was a difficult time for residents to be kept from their homes, but ultimately their safety was the primary concern as the fire and heavy smoke conditions made traveling the affected roads extremely hazardous.

Montezuma County Fire

Chiefs Association