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• An officer spoke with a woman regarding a lost WIC voucher book. She told the officer that her husband had brought home the food voucher book three days prior and when they were going to use it at the grocery store, she could not find the book anywhere. She stated that she had looked for it everywhere, and that she had a young son who may have thrown it in the trash, and that they had checked the trash, but it had been collected that morning. The woman had contacted the WIC center and was told she needed a police report in order to get a new voucher book.


• An officer was dispatched to the fruit stand in the parking lot of Front Row Seat to meet with a woman in reference to a stolen wallet. The woman stated that she had had her wallet in the pocket of her coat the day before, and put the coat in the front seat of her flatbed truck. During the evening, she had gotten some cash from the wallet and walked to City Market to buy some coffee and a hat. She was only gone a few minutes, and had a trusted friend, who would not have taken the wallet, watching the stand while she was gone. Inside the wallet when it was stolen was $2,292 cash as well as her ID, a debit card, medical insurance and Medicare cards, and a food stamp card. She had noticed the wallet was gone from her coat pocket when she got home around 9 p.m. They went back and checked the area and asked at City Market, but no one had turned in a wallet.


• An officer was contacted at the police department by a man who wanted to report that his wife, who he is separated from, took money from his bank account. He stated that it was a joint account, but he was trying to have her removed from the account. The officer contacted the man’s wife to ask her about the money. She told him that it was a joint account and the money she had taken belonged to her. She went on to say that on this same morning her husband had been calling and texting her, and though he did not leave a voicemail, the text messages were threatening in nature and she was very concerned about them. The officer learned that the husband had an active criminal restraining order protecting the wife from him, and was also on probation. The officer tried to contact the husband several times to discuss with him the phone calls and text messages to his wife, but was unsuccessful in talking to him or leaving a message due to the man’s voicemail not being set up. The wife provided her phone with a number of text messages from the same phone number the officer had been trying to reach the husband at. The text messages were very threatening and profane, and in them he also said that he was going to go get the couple’s child. There were other missed calls on the phone spaced a few minutes apart. A warrant was sought for the husband’s arrest for violating a criminal restraining order.


• Two officers were dispatched to a local business for a call of a man threatening the manager with a gun. Officers met with the manager who told them that the incident had happened a few minutes earlier and that he believed that the man was having a bad day and did not know why he would have threatened him. He did not know the man personally, but stated that he was a regular customer. The man had driven his vehicle in to have it serviced, and became impatient with the line in front of him, and began threatening the business manager. At that point, the man and the manager got into a verbal altercation. The man became very agitated and grabbed his handgun, which was on the back seat of his vehicle, and placed it on the dashboard. The manager told the man not to pull a gun on him unless he was going to use it, and the man said that if he was going to use it, he would shoot the reporting party in the head. The manager stated that he felt his personal safety had been threatened. He did not want to press charges, but did want the man served with a trespass notice. The subject was located at another business, and officers spoke with him. He admitted keeping a handgun in his vehicle for his protection, but denied threatening the manager with a gun. He also admitted to grabbing the gun from the back seat and placing it on the dashboard during the verbal altercation. He was served with a trespass notice barring him indefinitely from going back to the business. The man stated that he did not want to go back there anyway. The manager was informed that the man was banned from the establishment and was told to call police if the man returned there.

• Several officers were dispatched to a local bar in reference to a fight in progress on the patio involving multiple subjects. On arrival they located two individuals staggering across the lawn from the front door, and they were advised to stop. One subject complied, but the other dropped to one knee and began fumbling at his left ankle. Officers yelled at him several times to show them his hands, but he would not. Fearing that the subject was reaching for a possible weapon, an officer sprinted at the man and knocked him onto his back, and he was pinned facedown. The subject continued to struggle and another officer assisted in getting him handcuffed. Both subjects had been involved in the fight, and both had injuries and appeared to be very intoxicated. The man who had cooperated with officers began laughing loudly and stated, “We kicked their (expletive), yeah” and he was handcuffed as well. It was learned that the other subject that had to be knocked down had assaulted a person in the bar and the subject they had just handcuffed had been involved in the fight on the patio and had held the doors shut to prevent other bar patrons from helping the bartender, who was on the patio attempting to break up the fight. Both men were charged with disorderly conduct, and one was additionally charged with 3rd degree assault, and kept proclaiming that he wanted a lawyer. The other subject would only state, “This is bull (expletive).” A short time later, officers learned of another fight in progress at a motel, and found that a man taken into custody there had also been involved in the previous fight and had assaulted a bar customer. He received the same charges and claimed that he had only been at the bar to pick up other parties there.

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