How is that fair?


Iím sick and tired of media outlets and publications such as yourself claiming that the GOP is the party of the rich. Can you say George Soros, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Larry Ellison or Michael Bloomberg? Should I mention the Kennedy family or John Kerry? According to the New American Gazette, 60 of the top 100 richest people are actually Democrats. Perhaps the media is just ignorant, too lazy to do its job, or more likely wants to promote its ideals for socialistic utopia. Iím not rich ó in fact Iím probably barely even in the middle class ó but I donít think itís fair to take my money or anyoneís money and give it to someone else. Iíll ask you again, how is that fair?

This whole myth that the GOP is not for working people and minorities is perpetuated by those in the media. It doesnít take a brain surgeon to see that social programs have absolutely failed where they have been implemented. Look at Michigan, Illinois and California, just to name a few. Black-on-black crime is through the roof, schools are in shambles and the states are all operating in the red. Yet, we donít hear about that from the media. Instead we hear how the Romneys put their dog on the roof of their car decades ago. Wow! That is some hard=hitting news!

The only reason I subscribe to your paper is for the local news coverage, but Iím starting to wonder if itís worth it when you support and endorse a man like Barack Obama.

Grant Moore


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