A family’s beloved pet, a little boy’s best friend


On Saturday, Nov. 3, my family’s year-old female Yorkshire terrier was stolen from our front yard on East Empire Street.

I cannot fathom the callous, cold-hearted lowlife that would take a family’s beloved pet and a little boy’s best friend. This person was either too lazy or cheap to go buy their own dog, so they chose to steal ours.

So, pet owners beware; watch them closely.

To the person who now has our dog, you are welcome. We did all the hard work for you, from the purchase of the dog, to the house training and the vet bills. You are welcome. I hope that you will at least treat her the way we did. If you had half a heart, you would return her to the little boy who is devastated that his best friend is gone.

Troy Chandler


Via CortezJournal.com