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Over the past two months, there has been an extraordinary dialogue in our community about education and our future BEST grant high school. During the many meetings and special events we attended, a number of excellent questions and ideas were posed which allowed us to talk about education and its future in our region.

As the planning phase begins for the school, there will be opportunities for input and feedback to help ensure this project best meets the needs of our students, teachers and region. But, as we have said throughout the campaign, the building is just a tool, albeit a very important one. Many components make up strong school systems and we need to continue to look at ways our community can support our educators and students.

We are so grateful to the numerous citizens who helped, and have been struck by the breadth of their interests, backgrounds and beliefs. Please continue to be involved in ways both big and small. A strong school system provides the framework for a community and itís effects are seen and unseen for years to come.

Thank you for your letters of support, the talks with your neighbors and fellow workers as well as all the other ways you provided support in this effort. Together we can make a difference!

Becky Brunk and

Orly Lucero


Cortez 21st Century High

School Committee

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