Veterans Day Parade is Monday

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As the American Legion Parade prepares to take place Monday at 1 p.m., organizers are still accepting applications for those wanting to participate in the parade.

John Shriner, parade chairman of American Legion Post #75, said anyone who shows up shortly before the parade starts will likely be allowed to participate since that’s what has happened in past years.

“We have had people show up at the time (of the parade starting) and we fit them in,” he said.

Shriner said the American Legion Honor Guard will be leading the parade, which will also include the Highland Bagpipes, various floats, the high school and junior high bands, carriages and the fire and police departments.

The parade will go from the Montezuma County Annex on Montezuma Avenue and Elm Street to Harrison Street and Montezuma Ave.

Last year the parade, which is a 30-minute trip down Montezuma Avenue, had about 20 participants, and Shriner is hoping for at least the same number this year.

“We expect 20 or a little more than that, but you never know,” he said.

The parade is expected to attract more than 200 people.

The high temperature on Veterans Day is expected to be around 44 degrees.

After finishing up the parade at the American Legion Hall on Harrison Street, the Mesa Howlers from Mesa Elementary will sing patriotic songs to the people gathering in the American Legion hall.

Shriner said there is no cost for those wanting to take part in Monday’s parade.

Anyone wanting to participate in the parade should contact Cortez special events coordinator Ami Fair online at, which Shriner said is the preferred method at this late date, or by calling her at 564-4096.