A throw-away society populated by barbarians


After hearing about the murder (that is my definition) of a six-month-old infant by Dylan Kuhn, I thought I had seen and heard of just about every bad decision possible to be made by the our district court, but I was wrong. Now I know of a real baby killer in my own community that has dodged, with the help of Judge Douglas Walker and District Attorney Russell Wasley, a long prison term. I would think that our justice system would value an infant life at more than 90 days in jail. But, then what do I know? I know that a human life is worth more than 90 days in jail, especially a completely helpless infant.

What in our dysfunctional justice system permits judicial crimes like this to occur? The first reason is that our DA is incompetent and will soon be replaced, hopefully by someone with a little more skill and ability. The second is a mystery that only Judge Walker knows the answer to and being a judicial god will probably not explain his actions.

In most states, judges are elected directly by the people, but not in Colorado. Our judicial wizards are selected initially by the governor and a committee of lawyers. The reason given for the existence of this process is that it removes politics. Who is more political than the governor and a crew of lawyers? After their initial appointment, judges are up for retention and are always recommended for retention by their ABA buddies. I am sure that when Walker is up for retention the dead baby will be long forgotten and he will keep his job.

This case reaffirms my belief that if one desires justice, it is a do-it-yourself project. The justice system is a crap shoot where “let’s make a deal” rules. But, the infant is still dead and will soon be forgotten. We are truly a throw-away society populated by barbarians.

William H. Taylor