Invest in the community, vote yes on 3C

Dear Editor,

We would like to add our voices in support of 3C. We chose to live in Dolores when we moved to the area over a year ago. The excellent schools brought us to Dolores, and we have not been disappointed with the education our five children are receiving. The teachers, staff, administrators and students at Dolores are top notch, and we need facilities that are equal to our people!By voting “Yes on 3C” and passing our local bond, our community will receive $2.62 million dollars FREE from the state to help make these improvements. Everyone loves a good sale and this one can’t be beat — 43% off the total cost of our new construction.

Among other improvements, the project will add eight new classrooms to our schools; a brand new science and vocational building to replace our outdated building; and connect the elementary school to the commons area. High school students will be able to safely study science in labs that will prepare them for the future. They will be able to take their ag and other vocational classes in rooms that don’t have cracks in the walls or dangerous roof drainage problems. Middle school students will enjoy new classrooms and locker rooms. Elementary students will be able to safely walk to the lunchroom and library without worries of slipping on ice in the winter or needing to be escorted by a teacher with a key to open the door for them to return. We need these facility improvements.

If you haven’t yet voted, please consider an investment in our community that will continue to attract families and businesses to Dolores. Vote “Yes on 3C” and support Dolores Schools and the Dolores Community. Strong schools truly do enhance a strong community!

Liisa and Matt Mecham