Thank you to the supporters of Mancos Football Program

To the editor:

I would like to send out a very special thank you to all the supporters who came out and supported Mancos high school football team. The support from the town and community was outstanding this year. The donations and fundraisers were very successful and we are very grateful. We were able to purchase weight equipment, new football pads, and replace a few pieces of football equipment. We would like send a very warm thank you to some of the businesses in our town who really came out and provided funds to help replace safety equipment; they are the Mancos Valley Bank, P & D Grocery, Mancos Pizza, Premier Weed Management, Wagner Equipment Rentals (Durango), and Koppenhafer Ranches. Without these businesses we would not have been as successful with our football program.

As the head football coach I would like to thank a few specific people who spent hours of their own time supporting our football teams from Pee Wee football through high school football. First, I would like to thank the parents who have allowed their sons to come out and play this game. The dedication of getting your athlete to the practice field and football games was great. I would like to thank the high school football parents who spend money and time putting together football dinners every week. Without you our football team would not have come together as a team. The football teamís unity grew a lot because of these team dinners.

I would like to thank Blake Mitchell for being my assistant coach on such a short notice and taking time out of his job to be at every practice; Josh Kitchen for taking time away from his wife to come out and help teach kicking and punting. I would like to thank Alan Mathews, Mike Morelli, Doug Wyman, and Chris Medina. All of these guys spend a lot of time with our kids and have done a great job.

I would like to thank the school board, administrators, and teachers for allowing me to be the head coach here at Mancos. I really appreciate your dedication to our athletes. The extra time and support that you have to give to our athletes does not go unnoticed by me or the students.

To the athletes, I would like to thank the football boys who participated in football this year. Your heart, dedication, and desire were exceptional this year. The more time and effort you spend in the weight room and on the field will greatly improve your chance to reach those goals that you have set out in front of you to achieve. This year you boys came a long way and I am very proud of each one of you. Keep up the good work.

Finally, I would like to send out a very special thanks to my wife and children. Thank you for supporting me and following me everywhere.

Adam Priestley

Head Coach, Mancos High School football