3B: Worth my contribution and even more


As a lifelong resident, parent and business owner in Cortez, I have many passions for this community. One of the most important of these is for its children. I attended a meeting that the committee for the school bond had invited the public to. Through a virtual tour and discussion session, I understood even better the obvious need for improvement due to many safety issues, for current code regulation upgrades, space, and a marked need for better accommodations for teachers and students. It was quickly obvious that a remodel of the current high school would be a poor financial decision.

I believe the BEST grant was a wide choice for support. The grant covers 52 percent of the cost and insists on the highest quality structures and technological accommodations as well as meeting all code regulations for optimal safety, and builds only high-efficiency buildings for energy conservation. I learned that due to state regulations, the community support must come from property owners. As an owner of multiple properties in the area, I calculated the cost per year to me to support the schools needs and immediately knew:

The improved educational opportunities for our children and the increased attraction to our community that the new high school would bring is absolutely worth my contribution. In fact, itís worth much more.

Jim Candelaria

Candelaria Construction