3B: A positive difference in many ways


Take the chance. Certainly building a new high school will not solve all the academic woes of our communities school children. There will be delays, cost overruns and variants from original plans. If one has ever been deeply involved on a multi-million dollar project and digs into the schedule charts or balance sheets, you know this as true.

A new facility may help our children’s academic woes as well as be on budget and on schedule. This does not offer the perpetual open checkbook or open-ended Gantt Chart. If the chance exists given the present opportunity to build at half the cost, then why not take the chance? The current facility along with new curriculum, leadership and minor facility updates have not improved state or national scores for a measurable length of time. Continuing along this path of short-term fixes suggests more of the same underperforming results.

Local jobs will be another benefit to our community. If even for a short period of time, goods will be purchased and taxes paid to improve our community infrastructure. With the newly created jobs, maybe an entrepreneurial person will take the chance and open a new business downtown. Maybe the new facility will encourage a future community leader, doctor, nurse, teacher, farmer, rancher, public safety officer or skilled trades-person to take the chance and move their family here.

A new facility will make a positive difference for our community and our children in many ways. Go ahead, take a chance — vote for 3B.

Michael and Debbie Quinlan


Via CortezJournal.com