Re-1 will keep it local if 3B passes

Resolution agrees to use general contractor from the area

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Montezuma-Cortez School District Re-1 wants to promote local contractors in the construction of a possible new high school.

Re-1 board members discussed the wording for such a resolution during a work session on Thursday and agreed to consider the resolution at its meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 13.

The resolution states that the school district would agree to direct the general contractor responsible for managing the project to organize and host local labor fairs to promote active local participation in the construction of a new Montezuma-Cortez High School.

On Nov. 6, voters will consider approval of a $21.25 million 20-year bond that would match $22.7 million in state BEST grant funds.

The draft resolution states that “it is in the best interests of everyone in our community to build a quality building of the highest standards with as many local contractors, craftsmen, and laborers as possible...”

In addition, the board “has discovered that local labor fairs have been extremely successful in helping local labor, local contractors, and local artisans win up to 90 percent of the contracts in similar school building projects.”

“A local contractor is going to want to do the best possible job because it’s in their own backyard,” said Re-1 Superintendent Alex Carter.

The current high school was “built to be a ‘cheapo’ high school, and that’s what they got,” he said.

The proposed $44 million high school is “Building Excellent Schools Today (BEST) with incredibly high standards. If we don’t build this high school, we’ll have to come back in five to 10 years and build a ‘cheapo’ high school at full price (i.e. without BEST grant assistance),” Carter said.

District officials said they would have an “owners’ rep” work with the general contractor. The owners’ rep would be the “eyes and ears” of the school district.

“We will hold the general contractor’s feet to the fire,” said Board Member Pete Montano.