Cortez Middle School Band’sannual instrument drive

The Cortez Middle School Band is seeking donations of old musical instruments that community members may have tucked away in their garages or attics. Donations to schools can be tax deductible and would greatly benefit the children of Cortez. They will pay to have old instruments repaired and will put them in the hands of the school’s deserving students. These instruments will be put to good use for years to come. The CMS band program is especially interested in flutes, clarinets, saxophones and trumpets, but all band instruments are welcome. Community members that don’t have an old instrument to donate but still wish to help, can donate to the CMS “Buy A Tuba” fund as the school tries to raise funds to buy the most expensive of instruments. As always, the Cortez Middle School Band greatly appreciates the support of Cortez. Those seeking more information should direct any questions to or to 450 W. 2nd St., Cortez CO 81321.