The return of the black goat

Who knows where the infamous black goat goes at times, but there are long stretches where he goes unnoticed by me. Does the goat wander off to greener pastures, or am I just too busy to see it, well, that is hard to say. But it seems that I am not the only one that notices these lengthy absences. And of course, I am not the only one that worries,the goat is estimated to be as much as 12 or 13 years old by some of you.

The goat seemed to have disappeared for a short time again and Sandy Lauzon recently called to say she got so close to the goat the other evening, that she was able to inspect it closely and it looked OK.

And sure enough, when I looked on top of the hill on the goat’s usual cool-morning rock perch the other day, the black goat was there.


The Dolores office of Four Corners Properties put up a new sign this week and it is really nice looking. It features a photograph of something beautiful we all got to catch a short glimpse of this week if we were lucky — snow topped mountains and beautiful yellow and gold aspens.


Speaking of snow, it did snow in the high country and a few folks reported hail for just a bit in Dolores this week. A reminder that winter is on its way, ready or not.


A banner paid for by the BEST Grant Bond Committee was expected to be placed at the entrance of town. It says “Strong Schools Strong Community.” The banner is somewhat like the red campaign signs seen around town, but it doesn’t say “Yes on 3C”. That way, the banner can be used a future school events.


It seems to be motorcycle season in Dolores. The two-wheeled vehicles were spotted everywhere in town this week in large groups, no doubt taking advantage of one of the most beautiful drives in the world during the peak color change.


Speaking of colors, they are beginning to show a bit in Dolores,mainly by the river and the oak brush on the hill side is beautiful right now.


The enrollment figures in Dolores have dropped a bit. At last report, enrollment was around 802. That number will likely settle around 785, which is still larger than last year’s 722.


Don’t forget the Oct. 9 deadline to register to vote. This is a very important election, both locally and nationally. You can register and check your registration status at



Sept. 28: Yolanda Hurst, Mattie Quintana, Alexander Charles Martin

Sept. 29: Bruce Plumlee, Nicholas Chambers, Tony Hall

Sept. 30: Carole Arnold, Shelby Buffington, Haylie Jean Cumpton, Olivia Marlene Honeycutt, Christina Summer Swope

Oct. 1:Kameron Burns, Don Barkhurst,

Happy Anniversary to Dean & Jeanie (Kelley) Matthews, Gene & Dixie Peck.

Oct. 2:Sheryl Merritt, Erin Powell, Jean Tyler Lewis Head, Angie Alkema

Oct. 3:Brenda Kay (Findley) Walker, Eddie Goodall, Kathy Quintana, Gary Apple, Jason Soertaert, Clare Louise Vass, Susan Cowan, Richard Whitaker

Happy Anniversary to Katrina & Mark Thompson.

Oct. 4:Mary Ellen Thompson, Jeffrey Broderick, Kayde Klemencic-Smith, Clifton Gordon Yarborough

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