Anderson hopes to be next mayor

At the regular Rico Town Board meeting held on Sept. 1, Town Attorney Susan Baker reported at the last Planning Commission meeting, interested citizens requested amendments to the Rico Land Use Code to encourage the development of off-the-gird structures and greenhouses in the historic commercial district. At its upcoming meeting on Sept. 18, the Planning Commission will review various options for promoting such users in the Town of Rico, which will likely require amendments to the Rico Land Use Code.

Regarding the 1041 Powers, the Rico Land Use Code does not presently address Activities of State Interest. However, the Board has expressed a possible interest in creating a Land Use Code provisions regarding the development of geothermal resources due to the prevalence of the resources in and around Rico. If the Board is interested in pursuing this matter further, Ms. Baker suggests having the Planning Commission begin looking at this issue for possible amendment to the LUC. The Town may want to look at the possibility of funding sources through DOLA. The 1041 legislation also provides that State agencies may render technical assistance to local governments in development of their regulations.

The town staff had recently met with Dave Bulson of Foley Engineering to discuss re-plat of the Rico River Corridor. Town staff believes that this re-plat may be best addressed by creating a planned unit development which would allow maximum flexibility in relation to lot size, deviation from standard streets, preservation of wetland areas and recreational open space and discouraging development on previously remediated and environmentally sensitive areas (e.g. prior VCUP sites). Once the proposed plat map is complete, Town staff hopes to gather property owners for a cooperative meeting to discuss the proposed re-plat and to obtain feedback necessary to build consensus for the project. The re-plat will then be formally submitted to the Town as an application in compliance with the Rico Land Use Code for hearing before the Rico Planning Commission and Board of Trustees. It is also hoped that this process will encourage some master planning for the area to coincide with adoption of the River Corridor VCUP map developed by ARCO to encourage preservation of prior and future remediation activities in the area.

Town staff is continuing to dialogue with key officials to help formulate the Town’s position regarding continuing participation in the SWCCOG, especially as it relates to the Town pledging money towards broadband projects. Because the Town is still gathering important information, Ms. Baker stated she did not write a letter which she was directed to finish and present to the board last month. Town staff believes it may be best to continue efforts to understand the scope of the project and other alternatives before deciding how Town monies should be spent. Ms. Baker recommends that the Town hold an executive session to address this issue during its meeting in October.

Town Clerk Linda Yellowman reports the following people picked up petitions. For Mayor: Gregg Anderson. For Board of Trustee: Joe Corey, James Kahn, David Kunz and Gary Reid. Since Gregg Anderson is going for Mayor, there will be an opening for Board of Trustee. Genevieve Yellowman is the only one whose term expires November 2014. If the town has more than 5 candidates, there will be a town election and the election will be at the courthouse on Nov. 6 from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

For 2012 General Election the Dolores County Clerk will hold the regular election at the Rico Fire Station on Nov. 6.

Jill Carver rented the courthouse from Sept. 24 through 28 for her painting workshop.

The towns’ auditor Dean Johnson was here all this week doing the 2011 audit. Everything went well and the town will get the paperwork in a couple of weeks.