We live on vacation

Oh, sure — everyone has to get up and get going – to work – to school – to the ranch – but people come from far and near to enjoy our town and all its beauty. Visitors have come from Europe, Canada, Texas, New England and more — just check the Visitor’s Sign in Book at the Visitors Center in town. This is a unique and lovely area of America. There is a river to float down or fish and swim in. Folks may enjoy lots of hiking and biking trails and more trails to come. The walking trails have trash barrels and benches so that people can sit and rest to enjoy the scenery. Places of interest such as The Galloping Goose train and Museum – a Micro-Brewery – amazing Log Furniture – specialty Iron Works – Camp grounds – parks and playgrounds - and oh so much more.

When I take Pepsi (Chihuahua) for a walk around the lake and down to the river trail, I always take two plastic bags. One small one is for Pepsi’s “contribution”, and a large one is for gathering up the cans, bottles, plastic junk and other sundry nasties. Where does it all come from? I rarely see a visitor from another country on the trail that I take to walk the dog. What is the problem with a broken beer bottle on the trail? Can’t the animals that share our town be more careful when they forage for food?

Are you aware of how much time and money is spent on cleaning up someone else’s thoughtless or careless habits? What about the trash that finds it’s way into the river or lake? Check out the river bank and lake now that the water is low. How did tires and appliances get there? What about the continued use of toxic materials that are used to do laundry and run the dish washer? Is it always someone else’s responsibility or do we share this beautiful town for now and generations to follow?