Dying To Be Fracked

To the editor:

When I said I valued my brother’s life more than corporate oil interests abroad, my country called me unpatriotic. My country believed that my brother should be proud and eager to die so that our oil corporations could live. And now my country believes that my brother should be proud and eager to have his water contaminated, and his livestock and family poisoned, so that our gas corporations can ship our country’s gas abroad. My brother’s community is expected to pick up the tab for the poisoned wildlife, the contaminated public waters, and the crumbling of the roadways necessary to the process of fracking Mother Earth.

My stepmother is willing to die so that our medico-pharmaceutical industry can live. She sacrifices eating healthy green vegetables because the healthy vegetables will get in the way of the workings of the umpteen drugs she takes. She has cancers regularly removed from her body, at great expense to her health insurance company, because her doctors won’t offer her the many natural cures for cancer which are already used everywhere except in the USA, where the medico-pharmaceutical industry has 50% of our population hooked on prescription drugs.

It looks like we Americans are willing to die for corporate economic gain.

We are willing to give up our family, our water, animals and land, so corporations can export oil and gas abroad. We are willing to consume polluted air, water, and genetically modified foods and be sick so that our medico-pharmaceutical industry can profit. What a patriotic population we are!

I hear that Montezuma County is next on the gas corporations’ list for destructive fracking. I value my neighbors’ lives more than the too high costs of corporate patriotism. I am joining the efforts of the grass roots San Juan Citizens Alliance at info@sanjuancitizens.org.

Zing Nafzinger