Board approves marshals law enforcement purchases

The old jail, located north of the Pioneer Park at Mesa and Grand, will be moved to Boyle Park to be more visible to tourists. Enlargephoto

Jeanne Archambeault/Times

The old jail, located north of the Pioneer Park at Mesa and Grand, will be moved to Boyle Park to be more visible to tourists.

The town board approved the transfer of $18,000 from the Mancos Marshal’s savings account to the Marshal’s operating budget for 2012. The money is to purchase items that Bill Knauer, Mancos Marshal, says are essential for him and the two deputies to “do a good job as a police department.” Some of the items include rain coats, camcorders, snow tires, winter gloves, tactical gloves, hard drives and the cost of bringing two patrol cars from Indiana. “The cars are fully equipped, except for radios,” Knauer said. “We will need to paint them, too, but otherwise they are in excellent condition.” Most of the items are things that will not need to be purchased annually, said Knauer.

There is an inventory of equipment, said Knauer, but it was lacking in many of the things that he felt were needed to do the job properly. “In the past four months, we have worked very hard to raise the standards of the Marshal’s office to an acceptable level, and even to National Accreditation Standards in areas of Policy and Procedures,” Knauer said.

The department has received two defibrillators that were donated by the Red Cross, making the marshal’s department more mobile in emergencies. They have already purchased tasers, bullet-proof vests, hand cuffs and badges.

“I’d like to thank everyone in town for their support,” said Knauer.

The old jail, located at Pioneer Park on Grand and Mesa, will be moved to Boyle Park. Kent Rath, owner of the building north of Pioneer Park, has offered to move the jail so that Nathaniel Funmaker, of Nathaniel’s Hats, will be able to move his business to the building. The entrance to his business will be changed to the south side of the building, so that it will be facing Grand Avenue. The town will be responsible only for making a space in Boyle Park for the old jail, proposing that it be located west of the restrooms. This will make it visible to anyone who drives east on Bauer or who goes to the Mancos Visitors Center.

“I think it’s a good idea,” said trustee Todd Kearns.

“If it keeps a business in town, I’m all for it,” said trustee Perry D. Lewis.

The town board approved the transfer of funds - $103,623.42 - from Colo. Trust to Coloroad Statewide Investment Program (CSIP). The fund must be liquid, according the Heather Alvarez, the town clerk and treasurer, so the money can’t be invested in a certificate of deposit (CD). The average monthly interest is higher in the CSIP at .28 percent, or $137.50 per month. “The CSIP is insured and licensed, so it’s a good investment,” said Alvarez.

Leslie Hopkins, Parks and Recreation Coordinator, presented designs for the landscaping of various spots along Highway 160. The town board approved the staff to submit permit applications to the Colorado Department of Transportation, for each of the five places to be planted with various flowers and shrubs. They are the north east corner of 160 and 184, the north west corner of 160 and 184, 160 and Willow Street, 160 and Cox Conoco area, and the 160 and Millwood area. The total cost, not including labor, as estimated by Hopkins, is $29,622.