Meditation can help heal

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Zing Nafzinger

This Sunday there will be an open house at the Verdiance Meditation and Reflection Center. Along with an introduction to what is offered at the center, there will also be the opportunity to find out about a myriad of workshops and retreats.

Verdiance (ver-DYE-ance_is a word that means “alignment with truth”. It’s a place that individuals can come and learn to meditate, find a quiet place to meditate, and achieve a deeper understanding of their inner spiritual self. Kent and Rene Miller offer these services free of charge to anyone who is interested. The two have been doing this for almost six years. “It’s up to us to discover serendipitously on our own what is our inner truth,” said Rene.

The Millers plan to have discussion groups on each Thursday evening from 6 to 8 p.m. starting Sept. 20, centering around “Universal Concepts of Understanding.”

“It’s not for everybody,” she also said. “But we will available for questions and learning.”

Zing Nafzinger will also be available at the open house to offer her workshops and retreats.

Nafzinger has been teaching meditation for over 20 years and does a variety of workshops. She has already had a couple of them, each one different. The one on Sept. 12 will be about the finesse of channeling.

“Everyone channels,” she said. “Everyone has that ability in them, but it’s a matter of listening to the frequencies and knowing what they are saying.”

She will be having a workshop each Wednesday evening from 5 to 8 p.m., exploring such things as how to channel, meditation on the chakras and making your life better.

On Sept. 21 through 24, she will be having a four-day Autumn Equinox retreat. The theme will be letting go of the falling leaves, blossoming into spring and becoming who you want to be.

Her “Symbolism in Story” four-day retreats, in September, October and November, will give participant an opportunity to meditate, realign their life to where they’re going and the write about it.

“The energies that we each have can be channeled and expressed in a human life, to our higher self,” she said.

Nafsinger also paints energy portraits, is a Reiki practitioner. She holds a Masters Degree in the Psychology of Therapy and Counseling, specializing in Personal Power and the Psychology of Spirituality. Her website is and has lots of information about what she does.

Verdiance is located at 14050 Road 37 and can be reached at 882-2231. The website is

The open house is this Sunday, Sept. 16 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

“The whole point of these groups and workshops is to be healing,” said Rene Miller. “With meditation, there is no tension or discord in our bodies. The body can heal itself, if we just allow it.”