Police Blotter


cortez colorado An officer responded to a location at Happy Valley Trailer Park for a report of a possible assault. A young male said that his stepfather had choked him during an argument. It was noted that there were almost daily occurrences of police being called to respond to this residence. The reporting party, who appeared to be intoxicated, said that he didn’t like how his stepfather was speaking to his mother, and he talked back to him in a confrontational way, and that caused the stepfather to reach out and choke him. There were no red marks or bruising on the male’s neck. The officer spoke with the stepfather and the reporting party’s mother, who were both highly intoxicated. The stepfather said that the reporting party had “cold cocked” him and that is why he choked him in order to make him stop. There were no marks to indicate that he had been hit. The reporting party admitted to hitting the stepfather, but only after being choked. The officer spoke with the mother, who said that her husband was the aggressor. She could not give a detailed description due to her intoxication, and the entire time officers were in the house, the couple continued to yell at each other and the officers. The stepfather was taken into custody for harassment. The stepson was arrested for underage consumption of alcohol. It was noted that all parties in this home have been arrested in the past week for various charges, with the woman getting out of jail on this same date. The stepfather admitted that everyone is an alcoholic.

cortez colorado An officer was dispatched to the Conoco station in reference to found property. An employee reported that a male with a scruffy appearance had left a black case in the store a few days earlier. The black plastic case contained an oxygen/acetyl torch rigged to heat and shape glass. Due to the officer’s training and experience, he knew this type of apparatus is used in the making of pipes for smoking drugs.


cortez colorado An officer was dispatched to a disturbance at a residence where two females had been fighting. One of the women had hit the other with a baseball bat and then left the scene in an SUV. The officer found a woman sitting in a chair in the yard with another female standing next to her. The woman sitting down had very bad swelling to one side of her face and blood on her lips, and medics were requested to respond. The woman was able to give the name of the woman who had hit her with her fists and a bat, which was left near the porch. The woman’s cousins came from inside the house and were very agitated when they found out what happened, saying they were going to find the suspect. The bat with blood on it was taken into evidence, and the victim was taken to the hospital. The witness told the officer that the two women were outside talking and seemed to be getting along just fine, and when she went inside she heard a commotion and came out to find the suspect on top of the victim. The victim told the officer that the suspect had said something about an incident that had happened between her and the suspect’s boyfriend, and that is when she got mad and jumped on her, punching her in the face and then hitting her in the face with the bat two or three times. Officers were able to located the SUV’s owner that had given the suspect a ride from the scene, and a sheriff’s deputy detained the suspect at her place of employment in Mancos. The suspect claimed that the victim, who was her former best friend, had been sleeping with her boyfriend and denied it. She stated that she was rude to her and would not apologize, so she lost her temper. She was charged with felony second degree assault.

cortez colorado A vehicle belonging to the victim in the previous incident was reported to dispatch by her mother after being found vandalized during the night. The officer noted that all four windows on the car had been broken. A witness heard a loud vehicle outside between 2 and 3 a.m. and thought it could have been the occupants that broke the windows.

cortez colorado An officer responded to Knight’s Inn motel in reference to a theft from a motorcycle. He spoke with the owner who told him that sometime during the night after 8:30 p.m., someone had taken items from the saddlebags on his motorcycle. He was missing a $500 Sony digital camera, a $50 Leatherman knife, a $20 “Support Your Local Sons of Silence” hoodie, two $30 pairs of riding goggles (one tinted red, one tinted yellow), a $12 multi-setting head lamp, and a $5 pair of dark-tinted sunglasses. The only person the victim felt it could have been was a man who had come up to him and bummed a cigarette off of him, but he didn’t know how that could be proven. He didn’t hear or see anything near or around his bike during the night.


cortez colorado An officer was dispatched to a residence in reference to a female that had called 911 and screamed for help and then disconnected. When the officer arrived, he observed a car leaving the residence and called in a description and the direction it was headed. The officer spoke with the woman who called 911 and she informed the officer that the car was occupied by her two sons and that both boys had just attacked her boyfriend. The boyfriend told the officer that he and his girlfriend had noticed a chip in the kitchen stove. When they both went outside and asked the boys how the stove got chipped. The boys became defensive and felt like they were being accused of damaging the stove, and the boyfriend told them that he wasn’t accusing them, he was just asking them if they knew anything about it. The boyfriend stated that at that point, one of the boys charged him and put him in a headlock and punched him twice with a closed fist in the face and head. The officer noticed the injuries to the man’s face. The son then went inside the house, followed by the other boy who began accusing the boyfriend of stealing 14 grams of meth from him. The boyfriend stated that this was ridiculous because he does not use meth and had no reason to steal it. The son then punched him in the face with a closed fist, damaging one of his teeth, and the two went to the floor and began to wrestle. The woman stated that she and the other son attempted to pull her son off of her boyfriend and were unsuccessful, so she hit the son in the head with a vase, and at that time, both sons left the residence in the car. The other officer that had located the two sons in the car charged them and took them into custody for 3rd degree assault.