Agenda questioned, revote required

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By Caleb Soptelean

Journal Staff Writer

After approving an item that was not on Monday’s agenda, the Montezuma County Board of Commissioners will revote on the item this Monday.

By a 2-0 vote with Commissioner Larrie Rule not voting, the county voted to approve a $70,000 bid from Mr. Concrete for insulation panels at the fairgrounds.

The issue was on the agenda the previous meeting, Aug. 13, but for some reason was not added to the one for Aug. 20.

Tanner Young, manager of the Montezuma County Fairgrounds, told the commission that the insulation panels will be a “major improvement, a drastic improvement.” The project involves placing white tin panels inside the rodeo arena’s west, north and south walls. Windows on those walls will be removed and replaced with skylight panels.

When a reporter for the Cortez Journal noted the item wasn’t on this week’s commission agenda, County Attorney Bob Slough brought it to the commission’s attention. Colorado’s Open Meetings Law requires prior public notice for action items on the agenda of an elected board such as a county commission, city council or the state legislature.

Slough said there had only been one bid on the project, and added that another business wanted to offer a bid but didn’t submit it in time.

“Nothing’s going to change,” Slough said. He advised the commission to revote on the item on Aug. 27. County Administrator Ashton Harrison recommended the commission revote on the item.

Rule was visibly upset with the situation.

“It’s stupid,” he said.

“This is a perception thing. It’s all it is,” said Commissioner Steve Chappell, expressing his support for the revote.

Commissioner Gerald Koppenhafer noted, “The bills are not on the agenda (either).” These represent “many hundreds of thousands of dollars.”

Including the bills on the agenda “is a lot bigger question,” Harrison said, advocating a broader restructuring of the agenda.