Heroic, uniquely American stories


They both rose from oppression to overcome adversity, and have risen to great heights. The two candidates for president this year share a uniquely American story.

As a Mormon, Governor Romney comes from a people who started their journey in America under constant persecution and discrimination. They were driven from their homes in New York and the Midwest, fleeing for their lives. They made a painful trek to Utah where they faced trials and adversity. But by perseverance and hard work, they helped us settle the West. One of their favorite sons became a state governor and is now a candidate for president of these United States. This is a heroic story that is clearly American in flavor.

But not entirely unique, for the African-Americans who were brought here in chains also helped to settle America, in the South. They suffered the unspeakable persecution of slavery, but gradually began their trek toward equality. It was a long and painful trek, including lynchings and stubborn denials of their civil rights. They responded with non-violent protests, overcoming oppression by forgiving their persecutors, thus healing the wounds. One of their favorite sons is now president of these United States. Another heroic American story.

Both candidates are competent, dedicated men, with strong, wonderful families and broad public support. They can be proud, and so can we.

Yes, the elections this year are a contest between the Republican and Democratic parties. But let us remember that they are also a celebration of the strength of our country, where success is not limited by our religion, or by the color of our skin. Be sure to vote.

Bill Jobin


Via CortezJournal.com