Their goal is to take away our freedoms


If you believe in the right to keep and bear arms and your freedom, you must pay attention and watch President Obama, Hillary Clinton and Eric Holder. They are holding another meeting on Aug. 27 to try to ban guns and your right to own guns. They are calling it United Nations Program of Action to Prevent. They just tried to do this on July 27 with a small arms treaty but failed. They are going to try it again and if they fail they are going to meet in September and October. So watch out for your anti-American President.

They will also try to regulate the number of rounds you can have in a clip. It shouldnít matter if you want to have a clip with 200 rounds or 10; you should have that right. I guess they donít realize you can change out a clip of 6-10 just as fast as a clip of 200, it only takes 2-3 seconds to change a clip . They also donít realize that you will still be able to get larger clips off of the black market or people will just make their own.

Their only goal is to take away your freedoms one at a time. They are going to also try to outlaw assault rifles and semi-automatic weapons, which makes no sense at all because you can shoot some hunting rifles just as fast and farther with some practice. The moment they outlaw guns, the crime rate will go through the roof. Point is, donít let them take away your rights and freedom, because they will, one by one. If you vote for them, you are voting against America. We need to stand up for not just gun rights but all your rights. Itís time we took back America. We use to be the best country in the world but itís not going to be that way if you donít stand up and fight.

Ronnie Hurst