Bridge Shelter thanks Music Festparticipants

A totally delightful event occurred on July 28th when the band Rockslide organized a Music Fest and decided that admission would be donations to the Bridge. About 400 people showed up in the course of the afternoon and evening to be entertained by local bands. The slogan for the event that is planned again for next year is “Keeping Music Live.” And that’s just what happened with the lead being taken by Rockslide band members that include Leo Herrera, Dennis Knuckles, Jimmy McClain, and Tom Scott. Other participating musicians included: Knative Knights, SDA Worship Team, Big Money & the Corporate Citizens, Tommy Eylicio & Power Drive USA, Three Men Standing, Larry Easterling, Mom & Annette, Curt Mangan, Bonfire, Carl Wells, Colin Hastings, The Guys, Jimmy, Mon & Annette, and Charla Nettleton and Linda Carr. Many other individuals worked to make the Music Fest a success. The Bridge Emergency Shelter thanks one and all.

M.B. McAfee, Chair of the Board

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