Where are the real Republicans?


Wow. A two-fer the price of one this weekend, eh? “2,700 pages of absolute denial of rights” amd “Montezuma County is filled with ‘terrorists’.” America will have a free election soon, and the wound-up wingnuts, on both sides of the political aisle, are in a state of great tension. Chill.

Personally I like bbq and watching the Broncos play. Rants suck as entertainment. I also think the country was fine, is fine, and will be fine with whoever is in the Oval Office at the end of the next election. You see, I have faith in it. We are a country of law and order. I like law and order. It gives us continuity. I also like roads. Roads are great. They cost money, I think. Access to health care is really good too. We are a civilized country. We will figure out how to secure it for everyone. Capitalize it, socialize it, whatever. We will get it done. I’m not partisan. Chill.

I’m gonna lean back and enjoy, and get on with my work, and pay my taxes. I think taxpaying is patriotic (the military costs money too, and I sure like them. They give me a feeling of security during my barbecues), and yeah, as a nation, we spend too much on stupid stuff. Democracy is messy and inefficient. Fascism is very neat and efficient. I choose democracy (no goose-stepping and no mandatory attendance for military parades — See: North Korea).

Psychopaths? Terrorists? FEMA camps? Ridiculous. Wear a hat, stay out of the sun, have a barbecue with some friends and talk something other than apocalyptic nonsense. Chill.

Question: Where are the actual Republicans? Please write in. These folks make us look bad, and do nothing for our nation to sharpen its democratic acumen. (We are a democracy, by the way.). “Acumen.” Look it up. While you’re at it, lighten up and laugh more. Yeesh. FEMA camps — c’mon, man.

Richard M. Feit


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