Montezuma County is filled with ‘terrorists’


A recent $12 million study entitled“Hot Spots of Terrorism and otherCrimes in The United States” by National Consortium for the study of Terrorists andResponses to Terrorism at the University of Maryland. Funded by the Department ofHomeland Security to determine who the terrorists in America are. The results: Second Amendmentadvocates, gun owners, members of a pro-gun club,pro-lifers, those who hate unconstitutionalgovernment edicts, those who fear the bureaucrats running Washington D.C. and those who aresuspicious of centralized federal authority, and those who are reverent of individual liberty.

This study didn’t mention Christians, but it is known that these psychopaths want Christians out oftheir way. Anyway, looks like most of American citizens are to be rounded up to fill those FEMA campsor just be killed.I would guess that 90 percent of Montezuma County are now terrorists.

Gene Clark


Via email