Deluge of rain washes Rico

Hello to my favorite readers, which includes each and every one of you! If you can hear a slightly bubbly sound, it is a result of the deluge received Tuesday afternoon. Never have we seen rain like that since we arrived in 1988! Duane Holt, our weather reporter, recorded a good 2 inches, which we received in just over 45 minutes (neighbor, Carole Rychtarik, recorded 3 inches in her rain gauge after the storm had finally passed). Unofficially, including the 1/2 inch received on the 23rd the day before, we have recorded 5.62 inches since July 1st. We have taken the precaution of berming our driveway in case of heavy rains but that failed and the water cascading down the next street flooded us. I think that we really do need a culvert over on the corner because we had red mud and water flowing into one end of the garage and out the other!

Also, a 20 foot deep mud and rock slide came tumbling down just before the “S” curves above Town and CDOT had a tough time removing the trees and all to open the road to Hwy. 145 traffic. We can depend on our highway department. They are excellent in performing their jobs!

This all may sound exciting, for sure, but the lovely Krzymowski-LoPatrielo wedding held at the Rico Community Church on Saturday, July 21 was more special. Actually, the church must have been bursting at the seams. The Krzymouski’s of Gallup, N.M. and Rico have been residents for many years and are wonderful friends of our community.

Longtime friend, Ginny Lucas, was a former USFS host along with her husband David (now deceased) of Rico and Oklahoma, spent last week in Town visiting friends. She and Dave always felt that Rico was a special place! Peg and Billy Cox held a luncheon for her last weekend. We appreciated Dave; he was a high school band director his entire career and knew how to tune pianos, the organ, anything! He also played the organ each summer for church and when Dave touched the instrument, we perked right up!

We are sending a special hello to our friends Cherise and Mike Cruit! We wish that you could enjoy the 44 degree weather we enjoyed this week. Actually, have you ever heard of the furnace clicking on in mid-July? Yes, this morning, as a matter-of-fact, the heat came on. Fiction? No!

Our friend and birthday celebrant, Claude Enfield, has a personal note for his friends: “Dear friends, thank you, everyone, for the wonderful birthday celebration for my 94th birthday in my favorite Town of Rico. Wow! It was great to see so many friends! Thanks a million, I love you all. 94 years ... not bad at all in Rico, Colorado! I, Claude Enfield, enjoyed all you good folks, beyond all dreams. Thanks to everyone.”

Last weekend was further enjoyed, with Fred Enriquez’ Rico Blues Project performing at Herk’s restaurant. Friends are always exclaiming that this and that is “cool.” Well, Fred’s band is “cool!” Good sounds and talented artists!

Marlene Hazen has lived in Rico for two decades. An active member of the community, she participates in organizations such as the Rico Women’s Club and Rico Historical Society.

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