What fire mitigation should look like


This letter is to express our sincere appreciation and gratitude to all of the hard-working men and women of the seasonal fire crew of Mesa Verde National Park. Following authorization by Park Superintendent Clifford Spencer and Fire Management Officer Steve Underwood, they recently completed fire mitigation work on the strip of land between the north side of the westbound exit ramp off Highway 160 to Mesa Verde National Park and the service drive for Highway 160.

This has been an area of concern for those of us who live in the Cedar Mesa Ranches subdivision, as well as our neighbors at Aramark, for quite some time. This area is now an outstanding example of what fire mitigation should look like. Unfortunately, we do not have a “before” picture of this area.

However, we encourage everyone who wants to see what fire mitigation should look like to view this area. In addition, it is an outstanding example of a federal entity being a “good neighbor.”

Greg Kemp, President

Cedar Mesa Ranches HOA