‘Family Differences — the Art of the Cain Family’

The SKY Art Studio and Gallery, 125 N. Sligo St., is currently showing “Family Differences — the Art of the Cain Family.” In November of 2010, Dr. Leonard Cain, long-time resident and General Practitioner in Cortez, was diagnosed with 4th stage lung cancer. Since his diagnoses, and as part of his healing process, Leonard began making a variety of objects in clay, painting or glazing them, and firing them at home in the family kiln. Leonard’s wife, Jeanne, has been an artist all her life; she works in clay and also assembles amazing tapestries and prayer flags. Their son, Ian, sculpts mythical figures in clay and casts some of these in bronze. As a family, they are remarkable, and so are their artistic creations. The exhibit featuring the work of the Cains will hang in the gallery until the evening of Friday, Aug. 3; there will be a closing party from 5 to 7 p.m. For more information, call 565-8965.