Finish this stupid little blamefest


Hey, Baby Boomers! What is going on with you? Arguing over the lies both parties are feeding us again! Really? I thought with age came wisdom and understanding.

In the meantime, my friends and family are going to prison so often itís damn near a right of passage. My schoolmates are being beaten to death for being transgender, and wannabe gang members in Mancos are shooting each other for god knows what reasons. But you Boomers want to talk about commies and Nazis and socialism? Your 1950s world has no place in our future!

To heck with invading-Iran Republicans, to heck with Obamacare democrats! We need to invest our nationís money for a time machine so our parents can go back and finish this stupid little blamefest. Our nation can survive a lot of things. Not sure if your í40s rhetoric is one of them. Shame on all of us.

Colin Kincade