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Ÿ An officer met with two tourists, Italian nationals, in reference to a theft. Another sheriff’s deputy arrived to assist with translating, as the tourists spoke very little English. The two women had been shopping at Walmart and had left their shopping cart unattended for a moment. When they returned, they realized that a small green purse belonging to one of them was missing. Inside the purse was an Italian driver’s license, both of the women’s passports, $200 U.S. dollars, and 200 Euros. There are no suspects at this time.


Ÿ An officer was already in the loss prevention office at Walmart with two shoplifters who had stolen a package of steaks and a bicycle peg when another male suspect was caught while trying to shoplift two six-packs of beer. An employee had seen the suspect pick up the two six-packs and head straight for the exit. When he was stopped outside the store and asked to provide a receipt for the beer, he said he didn’t need a receipt because he was thirsty for more beer and was just going to take some more. The officer observed the 19-year-old male staggering as he walked in as well as exhibiting other symptoms of intoxication. He said he was sad he got caught and that he wished he had gotten away so he could finish off the beer he was trying to steal. He was issued a summons for shoplifting and his parents were called to come and pick him up. A Walmart employee that had viewed the surveillance video from the store noted that the suspect was observed taking another six-pack of beer at an earlier time in the day. The officer planned to have the city attorney amend the summons to include the earlier shoplifting event.


Ÿ An officer was dispatched to a residential area for a report of an intoxicated male who had attempted to urinate on a woman’s children. He spoke with a woman at the scene who told him that her kids were outside playing in the yard when an intoxicated male who was hanging out in the lot on the other side of the fence threw a beer can over the fence near her children. She said that her son picked up the beer can and threw it back over the fence and told the male to keep his trash out of the street. The male then unzipped his pants and walked up to the fence and began urinating towards the children. The woman stated that she yelled at the male and told him she was calling the police. The officer observed a wet spot on the pavement beyond the fence and an empty beer can on the woman’s side of the fence. The officer drove around and located the male suspect sitting in the grass at the corner of Park and Main Streets and recognized him from prior contacts. He told the officer that he had not seen the children on the other side of the fence when he had urinated, and when told what had been reported, he began saying “That (expletive) is lying, she is on drugs, you should arrest her.” The reporting party was able to identify the suspect and he was issued a summons and taken into custody for disturbing the peace. He was left in the care and custody of jail staff.

Ÿ An officer was patrolling south on Dolores Rd. when he as passed by a vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed in a 45 mph zone. The radar unit in the patrol car showed a readout of 93 mph. The officer turned around and activated his emergency overhead lights and siren but the vehicle continued northbound at a very high rate of speed. He observed it turn west onto County Road M and then north on Road 26, still driving at an extremely high speed. While the officer was attempting to catch up to the vehicle, he noted that his speeds reached 80 to 100 mph. The vehicle turned east on another county road and continued to speed until it reached the location of another patrol car that was standing by at an intersection. It slowed down as it approached the officer’s car, and the driver was issued a command to get out of the vehicle, which he did. The driver was handcuffed and taken into custody. The driver identified himself and gave his age as 17 years old he said that he was late getting back to the Hollywood Bar in Dolores to pick up some friends, including the owner of the vehicle. The passenger was his brother. Officers located the owner of the car, who said he had loaned it to the two subjects. The subjects’ parents were directed to the police station to meet officers who transported the two boys there. The driver was issued a summons for speeding 40 mph or more over the limit, reckless driving, and eluding or attempting to elude a peace officer. Both boys were released to their parents.


Ÿ An officer en route to the scene of a single vehicle accident observed a male running from the direction of the accident. The male was covered in blood. The male admitted he was the driver of the vehicle, and officers observed that he exhibited multiple indicators of intoxication. The subject admitted to drinking approximately six beers. Dispatch advised that the driver’s license came back as revoked. The suspect was bleeding heavily from his forehead and was taken to the hospital for x-rays and stitches. An officer at the accident site had found no proof of insurance in the car and a property owner identified the suspect as the person who had been driving the car that hit his fence and a power pole. He was charged with DUI, driving with a revoked license, no proof of insurance, leaving the scene of an accident without notifying police, and leaving the scene of an accident without providing information after striking unattended property. He was left in the care and custody of jail staff.


Ÿ An officer was dispatched to Koko’s Pub for a report of an under-aged female drinking in the bar. The subject’s name and her descriptions was provided; the officer was also advised that the subject was in possession of a fake identification card. The officer did not find the female inside, but as he was driving away, he noticed a female fitting the description given outside of the bar, walking towards the entrance. When she saw the officer, she began walking away from him at a fast pace. When contacted by the officer, she gave her name and stated that she was 19; the officer noted that she smelled strongly of alcohol and displayed other indicators of intoxication. When asked, she provided the fake ID with her picture and a false name. She admitted that she had ordered it online and that it had come from China. The subject declined to take an alcohol breath test, but was otherwise cooperative and up front with her answers. The fake ID was confiscated and she was issued a summons for underage consumption of alcohol.

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