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Ÿ A deputy traveling east on Hwy. 160 observed an SUV traveling westbound at a high rate of speed, clocked at 68 mph. The area was clearly marked as a 40 mph zone with digital signs stating “Wild Fire Ahead; Speed Limit 40 MPH” due to the Weber Canyon Fire. The deputy contacted the driver, who smelled of alcohol and admitted to drinking a whiskey and cola early that morning. He also observed a half-empty gallon-size bottle of scotch in the passenger compartment of the SUV. The driver failed voluntary roadside maneuvers and was taken into custody. He was charged with DUI and speeding 25 to 34 mph over the posted speed limit.

Ÿ A deputy on patrol near Mancos observed a pickup truck traveling westbound at a speed faster than the posted restricted Wild Fire zone speed of 40 mph, and was clocked on radar traveling 62 mph. The driver was contacted and provided and Oregon driver’s license, and exhibited several physical indicators of being intoxicated. He said that he did not notice the electronic sign with the speed limit indicating a 40 mph speed limit. When asked if he had any weapons in the vehicle, the subject stated he had a .44 magnum under the driver’s seat. Two other deputies responded to the scene and secured the weapon in the truck. The driver failed voluntary roadside maneuvers and a breath test, and was taken into custody. He was charged with DUI, DUI per se, and failure to obey a traffic control device.

Ÿ A deputy traveling on a county road observed a male fail to stop at a stop sign at an intersection, and then drive north in the southbound lane for approximately 25 yards before swerving back into his own lane. The deputy contacted the male, and noticed that he seemed very shaky and nervous. He noticed two pocket knives in his pocket and asked the subject to remove them. The deputy notice that the pocket was full of several other items after they were removed, and asked about them. The subject said he had needles that he had meant to throw away, but had forgotten to, and admitted he used them for use of methamphetamine. When the items were removed from the subject’s pockets, the deputy located a keychain that had a metal container attached, and asked the subject about it. The subject stated, “Oh man, I wish you hadn’t found that,” and the deputy looked inside and found a clear pipe commonly used for smoking meth inside. Also located were more syringes, a spoon, and several cotton-tipped swabs.


Ÿ A deputy was dispatched to a county road for a report of a vehicle accident, and that a pickup truck had driven off the roadway and down an embankment. He was also advised that another truck and a tractor were attempting to pull the pickup out. Dispatch further advised that the truck had been pulled out and was now traveling eastbound. As the deputy arrived in the area, he observed the truck turn onto another road and then into a driveway. The driver was known from prior police contacts. The deputy noted the severe front end damage to the truck and contacted the driver, who exhibited several physical indicators of being under the influence of a drug. The deputy observed the truck and tractor drive by that had assisted the subject, and recognized the truck driver as being the protected party in a no-contact restraining order between he and the subject involved in the accident. The subject became irate and began pacing in circles, screaming and yelling, “You (expletive) pigs, you’re always (expletive) with me. I’m calling my attorney.” More units were requested due to the subject making threats that he was not going back to prison and of shooting it out with the cops. Dispatch advised that the subject was out of jail on a pre-trial/bond release. As other friends and family of the subject arrived on the scene, he became more unruly. He was placed under arrest and placed in a patrol car as he needed to be removed from the scene to de-escalate the situation. The subject continued to be profane and uncooperative at the jail, blaming the Sheriff’s Office for falsifying dispatch records. He refused all testing and was issued summons for violation of a protection order (2 counts), failure to notify police of an accident, careless driving, driving a vehicle while under the influence of drugs, and violation of bond conditions. When asked if he understood, he said, “I don’t (expletive) care, I’m filing a lawsuit against you (expletives).”


Ÿ A deputy observed a car turn north onto Hwy. 160 from County Road G and then come to a complete stop in the acceleration lane. There was another vehicle behind it, also attempting to turn onto the highway, and it was forced to stop behind the car. The deputy noticed a female driver in the car impeding traffic as he passed it and she appeared to be staring straight ahead. The deputy waited for the car to pass him and then attempted to contact the vehicle by activating emergency lights. The vehicle continued on and would not stop. After activating his siren three different times, the female finally pulled over after continuing to travel a distance first. The female smelled of alcohol and exhibited several physical indicators of intoxication, and admitted to having two beers 30 minutes prior. When asked to exit the vehicle, she asked why. After the deputy explained why, she stated that she was not getting out of the car. The deputy informed her that she would be forcibly removed, to which she again asked why. She finally exited her vehicle, and failed to perform voluntary roadside maneuvers satisfactorily. She was placed in custody and refused to give a blood or breath sample, and when told that by refusing her license would be revoked for one year, she stated, “I want my attorney out here right now.” It was explained to her that her attorney would not be allowed to come to where they were, and she stated, “I refuse to do anything; I drink socially and you think I’m drunk.” The female was charged with DUI and turned over to jail staff for processing.

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